Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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> : > does the name Johannessen (the leading recent researcher of precolumbian
> : > Asian maize) sound Hindu to you?
> :  Johannessen isn't the leading researcher.
> Yes, he is.

 Again, according to whom?  Your personal say so isn't a valid proof.

> : He isn't a historian & he isn't an
> : agro-biologist.
> Irrelevant.
> : He has degrees in Zoologoy & Geography.
> What about you?

 I have a degree in History and in any event the subject was about maize &
Indian History, neither of which Johannessen has any training in.

 And one finds it questionable to list Johannessen an "expert" in
Pre-Columbian Maize, when he hasn't a degree in either side of the issue. 
There are plenty of other people that do however...

> :   Try  P.C. Mangelsdorf, Edgar Anderson, or  R. Tirumalai, people who have
> : actual training in the subject at had.
> Mangelsdorf is long dead. What about the other two? Have you read them? I
> didn't think so...

 The question is, have you read them. And if so, what is your response to
thier findings on Pre-Columbian Maize outside of the Americas? Or what is
Johannessen's take? (since he is the "expert" on such matters)

> Give it up, Schlaf. Johannessen is the leading researcher in this area
> today.

 Says who? What is your source? What makes him an expert? What training has he
done, what books has he written?

> Try to connect with reality sometimes, pal...

 Try adressing the issues, rather that simple dismissal of them.

                                            ---Oscar Schlaf---

 "A witty quote proves nothing" - Voltaire

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