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Yuri Kuchinsky yuku at
Wed Oct 21 13:10:16 EST 1998

Ross Clark (drc at wrote on Wed, 21 Oct 1998 14:54:20 +1300:

: Yuri, you'll have to be more careful if you are going to try to score 
: cheap points. A search of deja news indicates that the paper cited by 
: Bernard has not been mentioned by anyone previously in this discussion -- 
: not by you, not by Peter, not by anybody else.

My mistake, Ross, sorry. I was careless in my reply. Actually Bernard
posted the most recent ref of which I was unaware.

Of course, knowing Bernard's track record, I will not expect him to
apologize for his false accusation that I did not supply adequate
references previously. I certainly supplied such refs.

: Now about the content of these papers: You will stop saying they "support 
: Heyerdahl" now, won't you?

Yes, you're right again. To be more precise, I should have said "Dr.
Cann's research provides support for Heyerdahl". This is the situation as
I see it.



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