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1998 15:40:20 -0500:
> : Peter,
> : Obviously Yuri did not want to give you a cite. I finally got connected
> : again with a library.:
> : J. Lum, R.L. Cann, J.J. Martinson, and L.B. Jorde. 1998. ³Mitochondrial
> : and Nuclear Relationships among Pacific Island and Asian Populations²
> : *American Journal of Hman Genetics* 63:613-624.
> Very nice of you, Bernard. But you've missed the very same reference being
> posted here already a few times, both by me, and by Peter, who apparently
> forgot about it right after he posted it.
> Regards,
> Yuri.

The point is that you were misquoting the reference. Cann and Lum do *not*
support the god Heyerdahl.

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