Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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: > Oscar brought up nationality and religion as credentials for Payak and
: > Sachan.

:  No Mr. Kuchinsky brought it up, and continously brings it up on a number of
: subjects.

Schlaf is lying, of course, once again. I did no such thing.


:  Hindu mythology includes litature made up of thousands of stories in the
: Puranas, Jatakas, ect.
:   Yet not a one mentions anything resembling maize prior to the 1530s,

This is ignorant nonsense, and assumes that we already know the ancient
name of corn in India.

: when
: the Portuguese & Spanish brought Maize to India, along with chilis and several
: other New World plants.

: Also given the usefulness of maize, one would think it would spread rather
: quickly

And it did. It was all over Asia, including China.

: (even asuming it was whiped out later by a blight).

Myself, I do not share Hu's blight theory.

: And with it's
: spread one would think to see many representations of it in the art of India
: such as the Temple complexes of Sanchi, Mamallapuram, Ellura, Bhubaneswar,
: Konark, ect. ect. 

We have plenty of such portrayals.


: > Johannessen and Parker and Gupta have documented plenty of
: > ancient pictures of it, carved in stone.

:  The majority of objects could be as easily interpeted as any number of other
: fruits/vegtables. 



: > Good point, but my suspicion is that archaeologists have simply dismissed
: > all corncobs they have found as obviously (indeed, diagnostically) post-
: > Columbian.

:  It's common practice to test all organic materials found at digs,
: irreguardless of personal ideas.

False. This assumes that all archaeological excavations in India in the
past conformed to latest modern standards.


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