Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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There's not much here to talk about, really.

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: > : And one finds it questionable to list Johannessen an "expert" in
: > : Pre-Columbian Maize,
: >
: > I said Pre-Columbian Asian Maize. Learn to read.

:  Like that makes a differance.

The problem with you, Schlaf, is that you don't have a brain.

We are talking about ancient Asian maize here. Sure, it would make no
difference if you think Asia is a part of America?

What's the point of trying to discuss anything with Schlaf?

For those people who are still unfamiliar with the inimitable Oscar, a
quick perusal of DejaNews will provide some source of amusement. 

The fun can begin now!!!

[begin quotes from all kinds of people]

   Re: Why I laff at Schalf, or: Wounded history of the world.

   Author:   Gabriel Ataya
   Email: gabriel at
   Date: 1997/08/14
   Forums: soc.history, sci.military.naval, soc.history.war.misc


You are right of course, after reading a lot of posts between you and
SCHLAFF you have to laugh at him.... some things he posts are pure
fiction. He must be posting a lot of stuff just so others could have a
laugh and smile in their day.

I loved the one about the German navy using mainly Deisel for its fuel.


Re: Why I laff at Schalf, or: Wounded history of the world. 

Author:   TMOliver                                             
Email: swrctmo at                                    
Date: 1997/08/24                                               
Forums: soc.history, sci.military.naval, soc.history.war.misc  

In all candor, Schlaf's effluent/product/ramblings most resemble the  
noted flea who while floating down the Mississippi River on his back, 
jerking off, cried "Raise the drawbridge!"  He's been over-dieseled in
too many bulldyke bars.                                               
    Oliver Sends/OPIMMEDIATE                                          


  Oh Great, the Schlaf bashing is back!!  

 Author:   Gabriel Ataya                                            
 Email: gabriel at                                           
 Date: 1998/03/23                                                   
 Forums: sci.archaeology, sci.anthropology, soc.history, sci.skeptic

Man I thought this bashing of Oscar Schlaf went out of fashion a few   
months ago. Cant you guys think of something better to do?


   Re: oscar schlaf: a Coward of Cowards, and stupid, too!

   Author:   Larry W. Jewell
   Email: pha at
   Date: 1997/08/15
   Forums: soc.history, soc.history.war.misc

>   Your a hypocrit Mr. Jewell, you go on and on about how I don't admit my
> mistakes and yet I've yet to see you admit any that you've made

Which mistakes, schlafo?  Seems the only mistakes I've made are not
agreeing with your ignorant and stupid versions of history.

> and your
> response to any of your critics is kiddie flames.  (example being your
> response to someone telling you your post to soc.history.what-if was
> off-topic).

It wasn't off-topic, as I explained in a later post, it was the genesis of
a new thread.  Some history is just too obscure, no matter how
interesting, for a dilettante such as yourself.

You've offered yourself up as jerk of the day(week, month, year, century)
so I'm using you. Thanks for being so pig-headed, it had certainly helped.

You are such a silly little man, schlafo.  The facts are seldom popular,
and you find them downright repugnant.

Now, prove you are not a liar, provide chapter and version on that diesel
navy crap you posted.  You can't? Why not?  Because you screwed up again,
and again, and again?  Of course, we knew that.  You've had plenty of
opportunity to recant, to admit your mistakes, but have you?

schlafo will now weasel away.

I guess it was the tears of laughter in my eyes...

Get a book (NOT the ones you've been using!) and find out when WWI

When are you going to learn?  Never?  Good.

Larry W. Jewell, [18]PHA at GTE.NET; Pearl Harbor Working Group Webmaster.

[end quotes]

This can go on and on and on... But you get the idea...


Yuri Kuchinsky -=O=-
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