kidnapping for pollantion

HPFXXXX at HPF.Uni-Koeln.De HPFXXXX at HPF.Uni-Koeln.De
Thu Oct 22 14:14:06 EST 1998

I´m a student of biology at the universitiy of cologne and need some
help with my homework in botany.
There are plants that have special constructions do their pollination.
They capture insects and make them stay insinde the blossom until the
females are fertilized. The insects were set free again when the males
left their polls. 
I was able to find some literature, but most of the books are older ones
(about 1920).
Who can name me some good (newer) literature, who knows names of plants
with this special trick to do their pollination? Who can give me some
tips to work out this item in my homework a bit interesting?
I would be happy to read anything, you can answer me in this newsgroup
or send me an e-mail: 
Monika Strotmann: HPF2048 at
Sorry for my bad english, schools out for me a while and this language
is a bit dusty in my brain (but I will be able to read your comments!).

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