Why negroes aren't champion swimmers

Big Don bigdon at eskimo.com
Fri Oct 23 07:22:27 EST 1998

Darien Hager wrote:
>Col Lounsbury wrote:
> >assholes who spout out the same old racist claptrap and willfully ignore
> >modern science.

Speaking of modern science, it was reported yesterday that the HGP is
two years ahead of schedule due to unexpected huge advances in computing
horsepower.  Complete sequencing of the human genome is now estimated in
year 2003.

> >Its not even worth it to post refutations anymore, these clowns are only
> >interested in their racism.
> I know what you mean.

Correlations will ultimately be performed showing that smart people have
a preponderance of certain gene/DNA sequences, and IQ-75 dummies have a
preponderance of others.  At that point, egalitarians will be running
for cover seeking to avoid modern science...

We will see who is "willfully avoid(ing) modern science" to use your

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