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:> One more example of clued out journalists who have not done their basic
:> homework. If this nerd only bothered to read Heyerdahl, he would not be
:> spouting such nonsense. Because Heyerdahl _accepted_ the ultimate Asian
:> derivation of Polynesians. He only suggested that they first came from
:> Asia to America, following the currents and winds prevalent in the area
: The book you referred me to, and one other slightly later book I read by 
: him, clearly argued for an African/Middle Eastern source. Where does he 
: recant this?

: To quote the exchange we had on this:

:> : I looked up Heyerdahl today.  I don't know why you gave ma a 1952 
:> : reference instead of his 1976 Early Man in the Pacific, although it looks 
:> : as though the citations for for this are probably the same as in the 1952 
:> : book as none seem later.
:> : In Early Man in the Pacific Heyerdahl appears to be putting forward the 
:> : hypothesis that people from the middle east and Africa (Hittites are 
:> : mentioned) came to SA around 5000 years ago,
:> Wakie-wakie, Doug!
:> You've been asleep all this time, I suppose, and never heard about any of
:> this before? For a big Archaeological Know-It-All, you sure seem pretty
:> clued out...

: That doesn't look like you saying Heyerdahl accepts an Asian derivation 
: for Polynesians, unless you include the Hittites as Asians.

: Doug
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Hi Doug, 
In American Indians in the Pacific, Heyerdahl seems to be claiming (I'm
only part-way through the book) that the Polynesians came from Asia with
/as part of the American Indians (specifically Kwakiutl) and then came
to Polynesia from there. By contrast he has the earliest Easter
Islanders coming from South America to be later overrun by Poynesians.
The Hittite connexion is that he has culture bringers from the middle
east teaching civilisation to central and south americans who then take
it on the road and bring "High Culture" with them to Easter Island and
later extend their cultural influence to Hawaii and Marquesas.
So he seems to have them genetically coming from asia via north america,
and then a separate emmigration from south america bringing culture
derived from Hittites.

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