Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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> : > We are talking about ancient Asian maize here. Sure, it would make no
> : > difference if you think Asia is a part of America?
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> : > What's the point of trying to discuss anything with Schlaf?
> :  You never answer anything do you? Who besides you, lists Johannessen an
> : expert in Pre-Columbian Maize or more precisly Pre-Columbian Asian Maize?
> Gunnar Thompson.
> _American Discovery: Our Multicultural Heritage_, by Gunnar Thompson,
> Published 1994.

 Thank You, now why didn't you provide this in the first place, rather then
spend two posts, just avoiding the questions with insults?  Point still is
however though, that there are others who are more specifically qualified
then Johannessen on Indian History and others more qualified on maize.	That
doesn't mean we should dismiss his theories & evidence, but it does mean
people more qualified in the certain asspects of the overall theory should
look at & scrutinize the evidence.

> Who outside of these ngs has heard of Pre-Columbian Asian Maize?

 Do you mean in academic circles or the general public?

 Several agro-biologists specializing in Maize talk about it often enough, as
do many East Indian Historians.

                                        ---Oscar Schlaf---

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