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> : > Wakie-wakie, Doug!
> : > 
> : > You've been asleep all this time, I suppose, and never heard about any of
> : > this before? For a big Archaeological Know-It-All, you sure seem pretty
> : > clued out...
> : That doesn't look like you saying Heyerdahl accepts an Asian derivation 
> : for Polynesians, unless you include the Hittites as Asians.
> Now what?
> Doug, the Big Archaeological Know-It-All, is not aware of the fact that
> Hittites were based primarily in Asia Minor? Gimme a break...

I know where they are based, Yuri.  I also know that when people talk of 
Asian they don't usually mean Hittite or the area usually referred to in 
archaeology as the Ancient Near East.  But then, I'm sure you knew what I 
meant when I wrote this, and just used it as an excuse for one of your 
emotional outbursts.

> And this is the guy who never tires of lecturing everybody about how many
> books about archaeology he has read???

Neat twist, Yuri. You've complained that I haven't read enough books, 
you've said you've read more books on theory than I have.  But you've 
never seen me lecture anyone about how many books about archaeology I've 
read, although I plead guilty to challenging your claim that you'd read 
more books on archaeology than I have.

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