A Common Misconception among Evolutionists Re: Creation Science

Kevin B. Jones kbjones at awod.com
Sun Oct 25 10:56:11 EST 1998

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> Exactly. Evolution is a belief just as is Creation. Neither view is more
> scientific. Which is more logical can be debated; is order spontaneous or
> does it require an Organizer? Science is the observation of phenomena and
> hypotheses based on such obsevations. Since the past can not be observed,
> all ideas of what may have created the present are simply beliefs derived
> from observations of current events. These ideas cannot be tested, proved,
> or disproved, so they do not become hypotheses, or theories. The so-called
> "Theory of Evolution" should be re-named the Religion of Evolution, since it
> is merely a belief about what might have happened. The claim that it is more
> scientific than Creationism is completely ludicrous.

Theory based on a preponderance of evidence.  Physical evidence.  that is
the difference in the theory of evolution (and any other scientific
theory) and religion, which disregards the verifiable evidence in favor of

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