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Ross Clark drc at
Sun Oct 25 00:56:35 EST 1998

Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:
> Brian M. Scott (scott at wrote on Sat, 24 Oct 1998 00:24:40 GMT:
> : >It is clear to Peter van Rossum, who is certainly no fan of Heyerdahl,
> : >that Cann and other's work provides support for Heyerdahl.
> : An honest scientist would write: 'It is clear that Cann views her
> : analyses as supporting a direct Polynesia/SA contact hypothesis'.
> The fact that you consider this as some kind of a major correction of what
> I wrote shows clearly that you're truly desperate.
> And so the light of science dawns over the history of Polynesia where, for
> the last few decades, a whole Dumbing-Down Crew of misguided academics was
> hoping to constuct their own cozy little playbox that might somehow
> approximate reality.
> What's happening now in this small corner of world history will soon also
> happen with other areas, like the history of America. So tremble, you
> assorted Isolationist academic bigots and hacks. Your days are numbered.

Hey! I've been trembling for six months now! What's the day-count down 

Ross Clark

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