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: > Wakie-wakie, Doug!
: > 
: > You've been asleep all this time, I suppose, and never heard about any of
: > this before? For a big Archaeological Know-It-All, you sure seem pretty
: > clued out...

: That doesn't look like you saying Heyerdahl accepts an Asian derivation 
: for Polynesians, unless you include the Hittites as Asians.

Now what?

Doug, the Big Archaeological Know-It-All, is not aware of the fact that
Hittites were based primarily in Asia Minor? Gimme a break...

And this is the guy who never tires of lecturing everybody about how many
books about archaeology he has read???

Now, to be sure, myself, I do not endorse the view of Heyerdahl that all
these cultural elements came to S and C America from Asia Minor. Being an
independent inventionist, I think a lot of this stuff was invented
independently in America. So Heyerdahl may have been wrong about this.


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