Manitoba Tour- Former evolutionist, Roger Oakland , now creationist to do lecture tour

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An Evolutionist Becomes a Creationist
     Roger Oakland a former evolutionist turned creationist will be doing a
lecture tour through the province of Manitoba from November 13 through 
November 23.   His tour will start in Virden and end in Morden with several
lectures being given in Winnipeg and area (See schedule below).

     He is a former biology instructor who taught first and second year
students at the University of Saskatchewan.  He believed and taught the
foundational beliefs of evolution.    Tragedy struck his home as a young
married man and the scientific realities of that tragedy changed his life
and transformed his understanding.

     For the last 20 years Roger Oakland  has spoken in numerous churches,
conferences, universities, and educational facilities in over 35 countries.
 He is a lecturer, author, and founder of an internationally -recognized
ministry called Understand the Times.
     He has been a guest speaker at the Goddard Space Institute in
Washington, D.C. to over 500 NASA engineers and scientists.   Another
unique engagement found him lecturing to Russia's Institute for Science and
Atheism in Moscow.    He was involved in the CBS nationally televised
documentary series "Ancient Mysteries of the Bible."
   " Since 1990, Roger Oakland has traveled and lectured extensively
throughout Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union.  His
creationist message presented by his books, videos and lectures is not only
scientifically correct, it is also easily understood by both scientists and
lay persons.   In my country, which has been brainwashed for over seventy
years by Marxist atheistic philosophy,  Roger Oakland's message is vitally
important in order to point people to God's existence."
        Dimitri A. Kouznetsov, Ph.D., D.Sc. Chairman,
        Moscow Creation Science Fellowship  

    "[He] has a uniquely important message.   He is an authority on the
"New Age Movement" and its dangers and, in addition, presents all his
materials in a sound context of scientific Biblical Creationism.  His
message is fascinating and relevant, as well as biblically sound."
        Henry M. Morris
        President Emeritus, Institute for Creation         Research

     Currently, he and Dr. Duane Gish (of the Institute for Creation
Research)  are in the process of developing a curriculum on the subject of
origins for Russian schools by request of the Russian Department of

Creation Tour Schedule of Events

November 13: Virden Christian Alliance Church
                          Contact Bertha Penner @ 748- 2492,               
                          Eugene Enns @ 855-2247, Oaklake
                          Art Neufeld @ 556-2334, Kola                     

November 14: Winnipeg
                         Home School Morning Conference
Maranatha Evangelical Free Church
910 Sturgeon Road, Winnipeg
9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

November 14: New Life Baptist Church, Stonewall
                         2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
                         Contact Rev. Henry Ozirney @ 467-                 

November 15: Oakbank Baptist Church
                         Sunday School and AM Service
                         Contact Rev. Doug Bittle @ 444- 3348

November 15: Calvary Temple, Winnipeg
                         Evening Service

November 16: ( Unconfirmed but very likely to take place, will confirm
later this week)
                         Faith Baptist Church
                         437 Matheson, Ave. , Winnipeg
                         7: 00 p.m.
                         Contact Geoff Casey @ 582-7245
                         E-mail: casem at

November 17 and 18: Oakbank Baptist Church                         7:00
p.m. service each night

November 19 :  Christian School Conference,                            
                           Maranatha Evangelical Free Church
                           910 Sturgeon Road, Winnipeg
                           9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                           Contact Terry Lewis @ 654-0530
                          (Details of this conference will be              
             posted later)

November 20 Through 23: In Morden at the Morden Recreation Complex
                        7:30 p.m. each day.
                       Co-hosted by : The Christian                       
Programme Committee
                       Contact: Ed Elias @ 822-6555 or 822-                

In addition, Roger Oakland and Terry Lewis will be ministering in Public
School classrooms, on TV "It's a New Day," on radio talk shows, and meeting
with government officials.     They will also be at Providence Seminary.

Manitoba Tour sponsored by Christians Influencing Christians ( except where
otherwise indicated)
Contact Terry Lewis @ 654- 0530            Fax: 654-0532

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