Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

Hu McCulloch mcculloch.2 at
Mon Oct 26 22:29:38 EST 1998

brianm at (Brian McLaughlin) writes:
>mcculloch.2 at (Hu McCulloch) writes:
>|> It was Jett who first identified the objects in question, in
>|> photos from Somnathpur, as maize, circa 1979. 
>|> Johannessen and Parker followed up on Jett's lead by visiting
>|> this and other Hoysala temples first hand, and thoroughly documenting
>|> that the carvings were indeed of maize, in their 1989 
>|> _Economic Botany_ article.  

>Not having access to photos of the sculptures in question, I have
>one question: do the objects identified as maize have unmistakable
>husks and tassels, in addition to rows of kernals?

>If _all three_ of these elements are clearly sculpted, then the
>objects could only be ears of maize. If the objects only have
>rows of kernals, but no husks and no tassels, then the identification
>is _much weaker_, IMHO.

Johannessen's high-resolution color photos, linked on my page at ,
show only kernels.  However, Yuri has scanned several of the B&W
photos in the Johannesen and Parker article, and posted them on two 
web pages, at
                          ...                    /wmzpix1.htm 
(That's a one, not an el, in the second URL)
J&P's photos 14, 15, and 16 on the second of Yuri's pages 
shown ears with their husks still on.  Photos 15 and 16 even show 
curls of silk.  In Johannessen's Summer 1998 NEARA Journal 
article, he even shows an ear with the husks _partially removed_!

Johannessen's color slides are even more impressive than these
grainy reproductions, so I recommend interested parties invite him 
out for a talk.

-- Hu McCulloch

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