Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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schlaf at wrote on Wed, 28 Oct 1998 08:47:41 GMT:
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: > There is also the question of how the beading pattern changes as the
: > object narrows at the top. doe the number of beads stay relatively
: > consant but shrink in size, or do they stay about the same size but
: > reduce in number?

:  Varies from statue to statue,

And why not?

: which decreases the liklyhood that all the
: statues represent the same thing, maize or otherwise.

Non sequitur. Schlaf is a moron.

: > i havent noticed a True Beleivers answer that question yet;
: > did i miss it?

:  No you didn't miss it, since it's not been answered,

Schlaf is a moron. 


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