Need help in determining the proper statistical analysis to use.

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Tue Oct 27 11:23:40 EST 1998

    I have this set of data that needs to be analyzed. We've talked over the
statistics with other people involved and up to date, we are at a dead end
for which statistical analysis to use.
    Here's how the data is divided. The data comes from 2 streams during an
interval of time in years. Each year, 6 site were selected from each stream.
The position of the site changed year by year but the total length of the
stream represented by the site remained the same. Each site were sampled
during the month of july, september and october (1 sample per month). We
were mesuring the amount of catch per unit of effort for a species
    Our hypothesis is that the clear cut that occured midway of the year
interval caused the decline in population for one of the streams.
    Each time we test the residuals of our ANOVA, we find we don't follow
the application conditions for it. We are thinking of using the
non-parametric ANOVA but we are thrying to find the application conditions.
What are the application conditions for a non-parametric ANOVA?
    What would be good steps to follow to find a model for such an
    Is this the best newsgroup to post this? If not, which newsgroup would
be better?


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