Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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In article <717gjs$qp3$3 at>, yuku at (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
|> Jonathan Stone (jonathan at Cup.DSG.Stanford.EDU) wrote on 27 Oct 1998 22:31:11 GMT:
|> : In article <715c2s$fh9$2 at>, brianm at (Brian McLaughlin) writes:
|> : |> I still say that kernals, husks and cornsilk would yield a
|> : |> complete identification as maize. I have yet to see these
|> : |> three elements, but I will try to hunt up the publications
|> : |> you mentioned.
|> : There is also the question of how the beading pattern changes as the
|> : object narrows at the top. doe the number of beads stay relatively
|> : consant but shrink in size, or do they stay about the same size but
|> : reduce in number?  [...]
|> You've just proved that you haven't even looked at the evidence yet. 
|> How come you guys are so clued out?

Yuri, I *did* go to your web site.  I *did* look at the pictures you
have posted there - on a high resolution monitor on a Sun workstation.
I could *not* see anything in the pictures that I could possibly
identify as cornhusks or cornsilk in those scanned photos.

The quality of your scanned images was so poor that I did *not*
say in my article that the images had no husks or silk, only
that I was unable to identify husks or silk, and hoped that the
quality of the other published images Hu cited was sufficient
to allow me to see what is, or is not, there in the way of husks or

I repeat, if even *one* of the images can be dated to pre-Columbian
time, and clearly shows an ear of maize with rows of kernals, a
husk, and cornsilk, I will accept the existance of maize in pre-Columbian
India, however implausible that appears to me at present.

So, exactly what part of this behavior do you find to be "clued out"?

(Prediction: Yuri will assert that I "need glasses", and that the
images on his web site "prove" the existance of maize in pre-Columbian
India, and anyone unable to grasp this "obvious" fact is hopelessly
"clued out". Plus, I am a weasel. Odds, anyone?)

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