Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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Wed Oct 28 11:26:36 EST 1998

Jonathan Stone (jonathan at Cup.DSG.Stanford.EDU) wrote on 27 Oct 1998 22:31:11 GMT:
: In article <715c2s$fh9$2 at>, brianm at (Brian McLaughlin) writes:

: |> I still say that kernals, husks and cornsilk would yield a
: |> complete identification as maize. I have yet to see these
: |> three elements, but I will try to hunt up the publications
: |> you mentioned.

: There is also the question of how the beading pattern changes as the
: object narrows at the top. doe the number of beads stay relatively
: consant but shrink in size, or do they stay about the same size but
: reduce in number?

: i havent noticed a True Beleivers answer that question yet;
: did i miss it?

You've just proved that you haven't even looked at the evidence yet.

How come you guys are so clued out?


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