Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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Thu Oct 29 17:46:27 EST 1998

yuku at (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
|> Brian McLaughlin (brianm at wrote:
|> : yuku at (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
|> : |> 
|> : |> How come you guys are so clued out?  [...]
|> : Yuri, I *did* go to your web site.  I *did* look at the pictures you
|> : have posted there - on a high resolution monitor on a Sun workstation. [...]
|> : The quality of your scanned images was so poor [...]
|> Not my fault.

Boy! I'm sure glad to have THAT cleared up!

|> And also learn to read. My reply to which you're replying WAS TO STONE. It
|> is he who is more clued out than anyone else here (with the exception of
|> Schlaf perhaps.)

Let's see, now. You make a reply to Stone. In this reply you quote
two articles by two people, Stone and myself. At the end you write:

"How come you guys are so clued out?"

However, if I interpret "you guys" to include myself, Yuri helpfully
points out that I can't read. Thanks. Now we all know who to blame, which
is, of course, the primary reason for having this discussion, it seems.

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