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> > I would like to ask the opinion of anyone on this newsgroup about a
> > question I am researching for a degree in deaf studies.  Given that many
> > deaf people regard themselves as a linguistic and social minority rather
> > than a disabled group what would be the opinion of anyone on this
> > newsgroup about the recent advances in isolating a deaf gene so that it
> > can be irradicated.  Any replys would be very welcome.

Don't know if this relates but..

There was an interesting series on TV recently, Mind Traveler with Oliver
Sacks. He spoke with a group of people suffering from a hereditary disease
(sorry, can't remember the name) that causes early deafness. Much later in
life, the individuals also lose their sight. So they were born deaf and
lose their sight in their 20's-30's.

He asked a woman who was losing her sight if she would like her sight
back. She said of course, that she really missed seeing things. He then
asked her if she would want to hear. She said -- of course not, I'm a deaf
person! She said she would miss the solitude of deafness.

It is interesting that having never heard, she did not want to hear. But
having had sight, she wanted to see again. She identified herself as a
deaf person, but not as a blind person.

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