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> > > I would like to ask the opinion of anyone on this newsgroup about a
> > > question I am researching for a degree in deaf studies.  Given that many
> > > deaf people regard themselves as a linguistic and social minority rather
> > > than a disabled group what would be the opinion of anyone on this
> > > newsgroup about the recent advances in isolating a deaf gene so that it
> > > can be irradicated.  Any replys would be very welcome.
> Don't know if this relates but..
> There was an interesting series on TV recently, Mind Traveler with Oliver
> Sacks. He spoke with a group of people suffering from a hereditary disease
> (sorry, can't remember the name) that causes early deafness....

Yes, an excellent television series.  The disease in question was
Usher Syndrome.  A good link to a description would appear to be;

It would also appear that the defect has been mapped to 11p14.
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