Medicine's Ten Greatest Discoveries

Steven B. Harris sbharris at
Thu Sep 3 02:41:58 EST 1998

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>Just one itty bitty correction.  Current Procedural Terminology is the
>work of the AMA not the FDA nor the HCFA nor the BNDD nor the DOJ nor
>NIH nor HHS. 

   Is that true???  I will have to do some checking.

>> And while the CPT's are far from perfect the ICDA9-CM  (that
>stands for 'current modification' and no wonder since the 'current
>modification' went to press 20 or so years ago and  has been
>modification for 19 or so years) is a work only an attorney come
>politician could appreciate.
>Don Royal DC

   That's "attorney cum politician."  Note the Latin.  Look that phrase
up in a dictionary, and there will soon be a picture of Clinton. ;0

                                   Steve Harris, M.D.

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