help needed

Amber Louise Essential wwalker at
Thu Sep 3 03:38:50 EST 1998

Do you have trivia Questions and Answers on your mind in books or on your
hard drive??? ????

If so we would love to meet you in #trivia on IRC
If you dont feel like calling in on use but have a few text files you no
longer have use for ... 

Please please send them to me... 
I am on #trivia in the days and most nights..(my nick name is Amanda_^)
#trivia has lots of people playing around the clock but we are all running
out of ideas for questions.. 
It is hard to keep typing in fresh questions to ask in channel and we would
love your help...
We have quizmaster as a free down -load this is a program that ask's and
awards pre written questions and answers in Irc channels ....

Superduck JC Jenni Kerrie Andrea Grub Lursa orac and a host of other people
look forward to any contribution you can make 
kwalker at

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