Medicine's Ten Greatest Discoveries

David Lloyd-Jones dlj at
Sun Sep 6 04:17:37 EST 1998

Steven B. Harris wrote in message
+AD4-In +ACI-David Lloyd-Jones+ACI- writes:
+AD4APg-This may help account for the fact that the United States is dead last
+AD4APg-life expectancy among all the wealthy nations -- Canada, Western
+AD4-Europe and
+AD4APg-Scandinavia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore.
+AD4-   Not life expectancy at age 40.  Nor life expectancy in some parts of
+AD4-the United states, such as Utah and Minnesota.


Utah and Minnesota have what, maybe .5+ACU- of the population of the US?

Wanna make any bets on their life expectancy against the life expectancy of
the healthiest .5+ACU-  of 40 year olds of Singapore, Taiwan, Canada,
Switzerland and Sweden?

Maybe you'd like to let Utah drop, Western Utah being the only part of the
US poorer than rural Mississippi...  But maybe this doesn't affect the
public health stats: they probably census the dead in alphabetical order in
their welfare claims.


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