Medicine's Ten Greatest Discoveries

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Sat Sep 5 19:44:29 EST 1998

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>Steven B. Harris wrote in message
>+AD4-The AMA does not have a monopoly on medicine.  That is held by the
>+AD4-various state Medical Boards.
>+AD4-The AMA has a larger degree of control over medical education (how many
>+AD4-new doctors there will be), but even that isn't total.  And it hardly
>+AD4-counts, anyway.  As noted, the voters decide that the products of
>+AD4-medical schools are the only ones allowed to have licenses to practice
>+AD4-medicine.  If the voters decided tomorrow not to do this, the AMA could
>+AD4-holler all it liked, and it would happen anyway.
>Quite apart from which more and more US jurisdictions are allowing
>chiropractors and +ACI-psychologists+ACI- to practice medicine, including hospital
>privileges, the ability to write legal prescriptions, and the right to pile
>on and rape the insurance companies.
>This may help account for the fact that the United States is dead last in
>life expectancy among all the wealthy nations -- Canada, Western Europe and
>Scandinavia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore.
>                                                                   -dlj.
You assume that the current Medical structure is responsible for
differences in life expectancy between nations.  This is an assumption
of cause and effect that cannot be demonstrated from any national
survival statistical data.  The two factors may be linked, covariates,
or incidental to each other.  Any cause and effect is assumption or,
at best, a hypothesis in need of study.

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