Medicine's Ten Greatest Discoveries

George M. Carter gmc0 at
Sun Sep 6 17:07:50 EST 1998

drmlgppp at (Mitchel L. Galishoff) wrote:


>You assume that the current Medical structure is responsible for
>differences in life expectancy between nations.  This is an assumption
>of cause and effect that cannot be demonstrated from any national
>survival statistical data.  The two factors may be linked, covariates,
>or incidental to each other.  Any cause and effect is assumption or,
>at best, a hypothesis in need of study.

How about the hypothesis that the U.S. is the only nation of those
listed without a national healthcare, resulting in huge expenses but
inadequate coverage, access to the privileged and increased death and
disability to the poor and those of us who work and are uninsured or
underinsured?  Worsened by the HMOs and medicine-by-accountant?
Exacerbated by the enormous, unjustified costs of drugs imposed by
out-of-control pharmaceutical companies which screws the insurance
industry who promptly turn around and screw the consumer for those who
do have insurance?

And all of that wrapped in insane social policies that criminalize
dubious choices with regard to some dangerous or quasi-dangerous
substancse while glibly ignoring booze and cigarettes?  Thus,
enhancing profits in the black market and the concomitant rates of
crime and murder attendant thereto?

The medical community the cause of all this?  Nah.  They might help
more by looking a little more broadly than their somewhat narrow scope
of treatment but they're catching up in some areas.

		George M. Carter

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