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Sci Job/Career Internet Resource and Book Title List (Sept 8, 1998)

by Arthur E. Sowers, PhD

This is a resource list relating to jobs/careers in science and in
general. This list was compiled in the public interest and is posted in
the public interest. Some websites have recenlty instituted access control
meaning you have to pay or your institution has to pay for you to see
them. One printed and web-published periodical (_The Scientist_) stopped
covering career problems and career issues beginning approximately in
August 1998, but prior issues covering these issues are still freely
accessible on the web.

My website will move to a different ISP in the near future (probably
around Januanry, 1998) because of recent changes at Digex. I will make an
announcement as soon as it is clear where this new site will be. 

Part A is internet based (primarily WWW sites)
Part B is a book list of titles I've seen, and some of which I have
       read and reviewed (text included). 


Internet Science Job/Career Resource List:
disclaimer: Many of the sites in this list, especially in Part V, are
commercial and are not likely to mention certain facts of commercial
policies, practices, and preferences which are not in business interests.
At least many do not carry disclaimers or warranties of their own. Most of
the commercial websites make no acknowledgement that other information,
possibly even better information, is also available on the web. Some
websites run "chat rooms" where your input may be censored, unlike on
(most) unmoderated internet newsgroups. Inclusion of such URLs should 
not be taken as an specific endorsement by me. Some sites are mixed in
content; commercial (for fee) and gratis (for free) information. They are
listed as a source of information and if you can benefit in some way, then
this list will have served its purpose. I have no financial or other
connection with any of the websites or their personnel other than some of
them have external links to my pages and I have referenced some of them in
this list and on my website. I am not a recruiter and I receive no money
or favors from disseminating this list or from listing a given URL or
other source. I am responsible for my website material but not the
material on other websites. Most of the other websites do NOT have
disclaimers of their own and readers/visitors of those sites should bear
in mind what that means. This list, which will be updated from time to
time, is being posted in the public interest. Not all changes in this
list, including this disclaimer, will be announced. It is not intended to
be an all inclusive list. Revisions will be at irregular intervals and
given not necessarily with notice (this disclaimer is copyright by Arthur
E. Sowers, PhD).
Part I: About the CPSJ essays
Part II: Net resources, other essays, info on the sci job market
Part III: Usenet Newsgroups as sources of job info, ideas, and leads. 
Part IV: Unions (faculty, grad student, and post doc)
Part V: Misc web sites, often with CV, job lists, essays, &
         other helpful external links. 
Part I-
  rev Jan 29, 1997   "Contemporary Problems in Sci Jobs" (=CPSJ) essays: 
  a 2nd Edition of CPSJ is available by e-mail from the author, 
  <arthures at dmv.com> or <arthures at magpage.com>, or at any of the following
  web sites, with
  conditional unrestricted royalty-free reproduction rights. Earlier 
  versions of the "Contemporary Problems in Science Jobs" essays may be
  found at:   
  http://chemistry.com/ (dig around)                                    
  http://his.com/~graeme/cpsj.html    and ***/cpsj2.html                
  http://www.access.digex.net/~arthures/homepage.htm     (my WWW site)  
  cited at: http://www.netcom.com/~stantony/biojobs.html

My prefered email address is: arthures at access.digex.net 

Part II-
(rev Aug 25,'98) Net resources on PhD careers, job market and problems:      
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  Nat Acad study on where PhDs eventually go:                           
        "          "     /     "     /  "  / "  /appendixc.html         
  Goodstein Report: http://www.caltech.edu/~goodstein                   

  Reports on nasty politics, situations on jobs (IMPORTANT):  

  WashTech, an advocacy & watchdog for Sci-Tech employees, the 
   H1-B & age-discrimination problem, and other industry hiring practices
   in the interests of the industry but not the workers/employees:

  The problem when "non-compete" clauses can seriously hurt your career:

  Other analyses of the poor job market and its causes:        
  http://physics.ucsc.edu/users/noc/Links/policy.html   (excellent)

 Bad situation for Mathematics PhDs:

 Less bad situation for Chem. PhDs:

 Statistics on Physics job situation:

 Some comments on economics, PhDs, and immigration:

 Matloff's site on some realities in the computer job market including
 much about seriouas age discrimination, immigration, & H1-B problems in
 that area (you can get on Matloff's mailing list by email request):

 Other comments of the computer job market:

 "The Scientist"- newspaper about scientist careers (However,  
   material on career problems and career situations no longer appear  
   starting in Aug '98, Earlier issues '90-'98 are still freely
   accessible on the web): 
      gopher://ds.internic.net/11/pub/the-scientist (txt, partials)    
 AAAS (the situation of postdocs):                                     
 AAUP Listserver: majordomo at igc.apc.org - leave sub=blank  -           
      put in text of message:  subscribe aaup-general                  
 AAUP email address: aaup at igc.apc.org                                  
 AAUP website: http://www.igc.apc.org/aaup/
 PhDs website: http://www.phds.org/

 Assn for Women in Science (AWIS): http://www.awis.org

 Grad Student Advice Websites:
 Postdocing in Japan:

 Other scientist employment resource info can be found at:             
      http://his.com/~graeme/employ.html (best I've seen yet)           

 YSN website is at: http://www.physics.uiuc.edu/     (hunt around)     

 Science's NEXTWAVE, is a website carrying career-related material, but
  is instituting access control Sept 15, 1998. You have to pay or your
  institution has to pay for you to gain access. From what I have seen,
  some old and original material has been removed/revised.

 Congressional Liason Committee (if you want to write letters to your
      congressperson in support of budget increases for science), then
      get on the CLC email list by emailing to: tleshan at ascb.org
      or pfarnham at asbmb.org
Part III- Usenet Newsgroups as source of information, hints, ideas:
     The internet carries hundreds of newsgroups dealing with jobs, 
     period. All of them have the word "jobs" somewhere after the 
     first dot. For example <dc.jobs> is a real newsgroup dealing with
     jobs in the Washington, DC area. Most are computer jobs. A lot
     are spam/scam/schemes that you should actually avoid. Some
     resumes are posted. If you would like to see what resumes look like,
     this is a place to look. There are also newsgroups more specialized.
     For example, some have "jobs.wanted" or "jobs.offered" in their
     name. Some have the word "resumes" in their name. PINE is a UNIX
     newsreader/email client which has a search function for all 
     versions above 3.91. Ask your provider, if you don't know if
     it is available. All you have to do is put in the word "jobs" and
     all of the newsgroups which have that word in them will be listed.
     Some ISPs also carry "proprietary" newsgroups. One has feeds for
     all of the America On Line jobs newsgroups, which seem to be located
     around almost every big city and some suburbs. Some NGs can be empty,
     and some can have hundreds of listings. Try these too for your job

| the following list of website URIs need the "http://" URL prefix      |
Part IV-
| (as of Aug 25, 1998) Faculty and Grad Student unions:                 |
| United Uni Prfs SUNY:  www.uup.info.org                               |
| TA Assn UWM:           www.taa-madison.org                            |
| Grad Emp Org UMich:    www.umich.edu/~taunion                         |
| Assn Penna SCU Fac:    www.apscuf.com   (Feb, '97 or after)           |
| Nat Grad Prof Stu      www.nagps.org                                  |
| Employee advocacy      washtech.org           (VERY IMPORTANT)        |

Part V-
| From Wall St. Journal (Sept 20,1996, p.B1) article on Net job hunting |
| America's Job Bank:    www.ajd.dni.us                                 |
| CareerPath:            www.careerpath.com                             |
| Online Career Center:  www.occ.com                                    |
| CareerMosaic:          www.careermosaic.com                           |
| Help Wanted USA:       iccweb.com     (not a typo)                    |
| Monster Board:         www.monster.com                                |
| E-Span:                www.espan.com                                  |
| Career Magazine:       www.careermag.com                              |
| Career City:           www.careercity.com                             |
| NationJob Net:         www.nationjob.com                              |
| (revised Sep 21,1997)  OTHER RELATED Website URIs:                    |
| FSG (biotech)          www.chemistry.com                              |
| Medzilla               www.medzilla.com                               |
| Virt. Job Fair         www.vjf.com                                    |
| NES (very mild)        pegasus.uthct.edu/nes.html                     |
| Top Job                www.topjobusa.com                              |
| Fisk Book              www.agu.org/careerguide  (go for links)        |
| Career CD-ROM          www.careertoolbox.com    (sponsor: ChavisRegal)|
| KellyScientific        www.kellyservices.com                          |
| Space Jobs             www.spacejobs.com                              |
| Chemistry Jobs         chemistry.mond.org/jobs/jobguide.html          |
| Chem & Industry        ci.mond.org                                    |
| Cell Press             www.cellpress.com                              | 
| SciWeb                 www.sciweb.com                                 |
| Mainly for MDs         www.medbulletin.com                            |
| TipTop (physics)       www.tp.umu.se/TIPTOP/forum/jobs/               |
| GradLink               www.gradlink.com                               |
| Bio-Online             cns.bio.com                                    |
| Bio-Online(alternate)  www.bio.com                                    |
| BiotechIndustryOrg     www.bio.org                                    |
| BioSci(science only)   www.bio.net                                    | 
| Wall St Journal        careers.wsj.com                                |
| AGI, but also others   www.agiweb.org/agi/careers.html                |
| (added June 23, 1998)                                                 |
| UMD Career Center      www.inform.umd.edu/Student/Career_and_Employ   |
|                              ment_Service/                            |
| UVa Career Center      minerva.acc.virginia.edu/~career/              |
| Getting past Go        www.mongen.com/getgo                           |
| Catapult               www.jobweb.org                                 |
| Cool Works             www.coolworks.com/showme/                      |
| (added Feb 26, 1998)                                                  |
| for PhDs               www.phds.org/                                  |
| careerbuilder          www.careerbuilder.com/                         |
| jobs 4 eng.            www.ajob4engineers.com/                        |
| jobs 4 scientists      www.ajob4scientists.com/                       |
| NY Times-Jobhunting    www.nytimes.com/yr/mo/day/jobmarket/           |
| (added Aug 23, '98)                                                   |
| SpaceJobs (pressure?)  www.SpaceLinks.com/SpaceCareers/               |
| BIO's career site      www.biocareer.com                              |
| German-based pharma    www.pharmajobs.com                             |
| World-Wide             www.siwa-tech.com.au/arrg/arrg.htm             |

Part VI: misc.(Aug 13, 1998)
| Amateur Scientists     www.thesphere.com/SAS/                         |
| Amateur Astronomy      www.corvus.com/
| Various resources      www.myboss.com/                                |
| Seniors/40+            www.fp.org/                                    |
| Nat Council Aging      www.ncoa.org/                                  |
| FAQ finder             ps.superb.net/FAQ/                             |
| Chronicle of high ed.  chronicle.merit.edu/                           |
| Bioportfolio           www.bioportfolio.com/                          |
| FASEB article          www.faseb.org/fj/Feb1998/garrison.htm          |
| HMSBeagle              biomednet.com/hmsbeagle/                       |
| Science Writers        nasw.org/                                      |
| 'puter Consulting      www.realrates.com/                             | 

PART B: Books that may help you...

For all of you that know me, both for the warnings about getting into the
grad school-postdoc pipeline and suggestions for alternative jobs, I have
been writing down book titles in bookstores that I enjoy visiting from
time to time. If I have read the book, then there is a breif review.
Remember, you should not feel obligated to buy these books.
Rather, try to get your local library to buy them for you, or if you are
in a hurry, then get them to get the book on interlibrary loan. 

I will be upgrading this booklist from time to time as I see titles and
decide, from perusing the pages, that they might be useful. 

Sept 2, 1998 update

Living Through Job Loss:
Coping with the Emotional Effects of Job Loss and Rebuilding Your Future
by Ann Kaiser Stearns (PhD) with Rick Lamplugh
A Fireside Book, published by Simon & Schuster, NY, 1995, $11.00 paper, 
 269 pages including 2 pages of further reading, 6 appendices of
resources, about 25 pages of notes & references, 11 pages of an index, and
two pages about the author.

Its important for several reasons. Job loss, today, is a major negative
event for anyone. Job loss is like career loss, and this book goes a long
way, not only with advice but many many stories from individuals that were
interviewed or otherwise researched out. 

Another major reason for (maybe) all of you to look at a book like this is
that EVEN BEFORE you go looking for a career in, say, science, maybe you
better be prepared for "What do I do if I can't even get a career in
science started?" The situation where one puts in all this time and effort
in preparation for a lifetime career and CAN'T get a relevant job is, as
far as I am concerned, fully EQUIVALENT to the situation where one has
lost a job that he or she has had for years. This book will help in many
ways. Its not perfect, and there are things I don't like in the book. And,
there is almost nothing suggested to deal with age-discrimination. But,
there is much more that is good. 

The author is a psychologist who has an interest in how people cope with
job loss, how it affects their lives and families, and lists up a lot of
useful strategies. She also talks a lot about how the workplace has
changed and goes into a lot of detail about successful strategies. She
also has a lot of data on populations (which unfortunately say, and can
say, nothing about what happens to individuals, and she knows this, too)
and what happens to them. 

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