Medicine's Ten Greatest Discoveries:Fee-for-Service

David Lloyd-Jones dlj at
Wed Sep 9 05:57:41 EST 1998

George Conklin wrote in message
+AD4-Steven B. Harris wrote:
+AD4APg-In writes:
+AD4APgA+-Actually you could still blame FDR -- I believe it was under his
+AD4APgA+-administration that the AMA was allowed to have its monopoly on
+AD4APg-The AMA does not have a monopoly on medicine.  That is held by the
+AD4APg-various state Medical Boards.
+AD4-  All of which do whatever the AMA wants.


You still don't seem to get it: if the AMA controlled the boards, why would
chiropractors and +ACI-psychologists+ACI- be legally practicing medicine?

The AMA has got to be the only union hated more than the Teamsters, and the
politicians know it.  Pity.


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