Medicine's Ten Greatest Discoveries:Fee-for-Service

Steven B. Harris sbharris at
Wed Sep 9 20:34:29 EST 1998

In <F9tJ1.2898$c3.5326264 at> "David Lloyd-Jones"
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>You still don't seem to get it: if the AMA controlled the boards, why
>chiropractors and +ACI-psychologists+ACI- be legally practicing
>The AMA has got to be the only union hated more than the Teamsters,
and the
>politicians know it.  Pity.
>                                                                 -dlj.

   The difference being that most people (as opposed to politicians)
think the AMA is some kind of legislative body.  They're the same
nudniks who think the government runs Federal Express, and there are a
lot of them.
    George is now going to tell us about his experience with state
medical boards, which surely must form the basis of his informed
opinions about who controls them.

                                         Steve Harris, M.D.

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