Eliminate your current phone bill......

onephone at HOTMAIL.COM onephone at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 9 21:17:37 EST 1998

A FREE Nokia 6160 digital PCS phone that covers the 50 United States 
including Alaska and Hawaii and 600 FREE minutes of airtime utilizing
the AT&T wireless network with No roaming or Long Distance charges!
Eliminate your current phone bill forever as you continue to receive free airtime.

Nokia 6160 digital PCS phone sent
via Federal Express direct from AT&T.

Listen to our 3 Minute recorded Presentation regarding this Free Nokia Phone
offer at 1-888-834-5017 or 1-888-248-6031
Pull up the Fax-on-Demand at 1-716-720-2299

Not only can you get a FREE Nokia 6160 phone, you can receive residual income that allows the sky to be the limit as far as your future income is concerned.
Need more information: 
listen to our 24hr recorded conference call at 1-212-796-6870

To get started after listening to the 3 minute message, you will need the following information:
Sponsor ID:  22-1569104
Sponsor Phone: 1-800-636-6773 ext 4533
Let me know if you decide to join so I can help you receive your FREE phone by next week.

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