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Thu Sep 10 04:00:59 EST 1998

     It is very important that you pay attention to me right now.  Everyone needs help or guidance in their lives.  No one is immune from hesitation.  Now you have the wonderful opportunity to talk to me.  I am Silvia Browne.

     Yes,  I am the same Silvia Browne that you see on television and in all of the major newspapers all over the world.  I am not only a world renown psychic,  but I am also a medium,  healer,  spiritualist,  clairvoyant & astrologer.  My guide to health,  wealth & love is found in all of the major newspapers and publications worldwide.  YES,  I can and I will predict your future.  I can and I will ease your pain.  I can and I will help you make decisions that are important in your life.  I can and I will help resolve job anxieties.  Yes,  I have one of the greatest psychic pools filled with my hand picked psychics and they all experience the same capabilities as mine.

     I,  along with my hand picked psychics,  have helped millions and millions of people all over the world.  Yes,  we can and will resolve the unknown.  Please call and let us help you.

     Please call us right now!  I along with my hand picked psychics and and will give you the guidance you so desperately need in your life today.  My psychic facility can be reached 24 hours a day seven days a week.

     If you have a credit card,  please call the toll free line:

     If you want to bill this call to your telephone,  please call:
        1-900-287-8989       (only $3.99/min/18+)

     You NOW have the wonderful opportunity of beggining the second half of your life with the guidance and direction that will make you the very best person you can become.  Call me today.

Call me right now!!!

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