Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Ian Staples staplei at
Wed Sep 16 03:36:42 EST 1998

I was asked by a colleague today whether I had any fairly general
info on genetic engineering.  He wanted it to give to the son of
a mutual friend to help the kid do a secondary school project on
the topic.

I discovered that my "clippings file" on the topic had pretty
much all negative info -- "Ban GE foods", "GE spuds may do nasty
things to you", and that sort of stuff.  Not only was it mostly
negative, it was also mostly [totally] concerned with agricultural
production of food and fibre.

It occurs to me that (a) there must be *some* objective outlines
of the technology available somewhere; and (b) there are clearly
objectives of the technology that go beyond Round-Up resistant
spuds and boll-worm killing cotton.  (Manufacture of chemicals
and medicines etc. spring to mind.)

So, my question:  Does anyone have any recommendations for
broadening my education in such matters, please?  While pointers
to paper publications would be of interest in the mid to long
term, the timeline for the present request from a high school
student suggests that "on-line" pointers are probably of more
immediate relevance.  And we're obviously talking stuff for the
uninitiated, not articles full of gooblygook and jargon. :-)

Thanks for your help.

Cheers,  Ian S.


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