Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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For an all-embracing sober discussion of the issues on GM foods look at the
IFT (Institute of Food Science and Technology) statement, which is to be
found at:

I am sure you will also find much of interest on other pages on that site.

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Ian Staples wrote in message ...
>I was asked by a colleague today whether I had any fairly general
>info on genetic engineering.  He wanted it to give to the son of
>a mutual friend to help the kid do a secondary school project on
>the topic.
>I discovered that my "clippings file" on the topic had pretty
>much all negative info -- "Ban GE foods", "GE spuds may do nasty
>things to you", and that sort of stuff.  Not only was it mostly
>negative, it was also mostly [totally] concerned with agricultural
>production of food and fibre.
>It occurs to me that (a) there must be *some* objective outlines
>of the technology available somewhere; and (b) there are clearly
>objectives of the technology that go beyond Round-Up resistant
>spuds and boll-worm killing cotton.  (Manufacture of chemicals
>and medicines etc. spring to mind.)
>So, my question:  Does anyone have any recommendations for
>broadening my education in such matters, please?  While pointers
>to paper publications would be of interest in the mid to long
>term, the timeline for the present request from a high school
>student suggests that "on-line" pointers are probably of more
>immediate relevance.  And we're obviously talking stuff for the
>uninitiated, not articles full of gooblygook and jargon. :-)
>Thanks for your help.
>Cheers,  Ian S.
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