Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Oz Oz at
Thu Sep 17 00:09:03 EST 1998

In article <taquilla.1256383902E at>, Tracy Aquilla
<taquilla at> writes
>It is really only a question of public image at this point, and the drugs
>seem to have no problem in this area. For some reason, most of the
>opposition to the technology seems to focus on the agricultural applications.

I can't help getting the feeling that those wishing to attack technology
have come to the conclusion that reads, some what paraphrased, "One can
do without food, but not without drugs". People will accept almost
anything when it comes to intervention to give a few years extra life to
a developed world person, but are suspicious of any small attempt to
grow more food using the most benign products. Indeed healthy people
will consume quantities of toxic vitamins and minerals to do the same.



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