Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

JCVines JCVines at
Thu Sep 17 12:08:09 EST 1998

Have you considered the possibility, that the negative info, is being
I'm not sure, "objectivity" can be judged by the desire for a
particular point of view, in the face of so much counter info.
The best you can probably do, is research, research, research, and at
the end of your allotted time frame, weigh the amount of info,
pro/con, to determine your "objective" point of view.
Be wary of your own biases, pro/con, so they do not skew your
(perhaps this might be a good project for the young-uns.)
On Wed, 16 Sep 1998 08:36:42 GMT, staplei at
(Ian Staples) wrote:

>I discovered that my "clippings file" on the topic had pretty
>much all negative info -- "Ban GE foods", "GE spuds may do nasty
>things to you", and that sort of stuff.  Not only was it mostly
>negative, it was also mostly [totally] concerned with agricultural
>production of food and fibre.
>It occurs to me that (a) there must be *some* objective outlines
>of the technology available somewhere; and (b) there are clearly
>objectives of the technology that go beyond Round-Up resistant
>spuds and boll-worm killing cotton.  (Manufacture of chemicals
>and medicines etc. spring to mind.)

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