Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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> >>>  That doesn't seem like a long time to me, considering
> >>> the (relatively) low-tech state of farming and the effects of a world-wide
> >>> economic depression followed by a world war.  Certainly genetically
> >>> engineered crops have been adopted even more quickly than this by U.S.
> >>> farmers.
> >>
> >>    Which crops.
> >
> >'Roundup-Ready' soybeans.  Bt-cotton.
> The relevant question is, what percentage of the total US soybean crop is
> now RR; what percent of the cotton crop is Bt? And how long after their
> first commercial introduction did it take to reach this level?
> Tracy

    We did some evaluations on bt ( for about 5 or more years ) when it first came
out - so many years ago I hate to remember - in the early days when it was thought
that it was an actual biological control rather than just a biologically produced
insecticide, with a limited spectrum of activity, short residual material,
effective  against some lepidopterous species.    The attitude by government
regulatory agencies at the time was if it's natural it's got to be safe. IMO that is
not necessarily the case the case the material can have some nasty toxicological
side effects. When it was in a spray with limited a residual that probably was of
little concern but if it is being incorporated into edible plants they better damned
well better run a full toxicology studies on the food crops containing bt the same
as they would with any pesticide where it is incorporated in the plant itself.
    If it hadn't been for the " all natural ", " anti pesticide ",people it would
have been dead a long time ago

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