Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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> >    We did some evaluations on bt ( for about 5 or more years ) when it first
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> >the material can have some nasty toxicological side effects.
> Toxicological side effects of Bt? You must be thinking of the very first
> formulations, some of which are known to produce a broad-spectrum
> beta-exotoxin. Exotoxin-producing strains have long been prohibited in the
> US.

    GOOD !!!! I hope that included teratology !!!!

> Of course, there are some minor effects from the carriers and other
> inert ingredients found in some pesticide formulations, but none caused by
> the Bt itself.
> >When it was in a spray with limited a residual that probably was of
> >little concern but if it is being incorporated into edible plants they better
> The plants carry only delta-endotoxin genes. These proteins are non-toxic to
> vertebrates. They have been analyzed for toxicity to no end, and have passed
> all of the regulatory hurdles.

    GOOD AGAIN !!!!!

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