High-res. flatbed scanner for $69!

Fri Sep 18 15:54:19 EST 1998

Enjoy the benefits of the #1-selling brand of scanner for as low as

A picture really is worth a thousand words. If you want to add power
to your documents, upgrade your Web site, create your own greeting
cards, or send your picture to a friend, a scanner to capture images
is a must.

For a limited time, you can enjoy all the benefits of a scanner for
just $69*.

UMAX, the best selling brand of scanner in the U.S., has introduced an
easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-afford scanner -- the new
Astra 610p! The Astra 610p plugs right into your computer's parallel
port -- no need to open your computer and install a card! Just plug it
in, run the automatic installation software, and you are ready to
scan! The Astra 610p comes with Adobe Photodeluxe software and UMAX's
award-winning VistaScan software to make it simple for you to capture
and edit your own digital images.

We're offering this incredible scanner and software package to you for
only $99! And for a limited time, you can take advantage of a special
UMAX $30 rebate -- which  brings your price after rebate for the Astra
610p scanner to an incredibly low $69!

There has never been a better time to add the power of a scanner to
your computer system!

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Looking for a fully loaded PC for under $1000? 

UMAX brings its reputation for quality manufacturing to a new line of
PC's at a fantastic introductory prices.

The UMAX P2-300 offers:
* 300 MHz Pentium II CPU with MMX 
* 64 mb of RAM
* 6.4g hard drive
* 8mb AGP video card
* 36x CD ROM
* 3D sound and 60-watt speakers
* Mouse, keyboard
* Windows '98 and more!
All for just $999! 

And to make a great deal even better, for a limited time, you can get
a FREE UMAX Astra 610p scanner with the purchase of a UMAX P2-300 PC

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Want to be able to take your computing power with you wherever you go? 

Then check out the new UMAX 320T, a slim, light notebook with all the
best features at a price well below the competition.

The UMAX 320T features:
* 233 MHz CPU
* 32 MB  RAM
* 12.1" TFT active matrix screen
* 3.2g hard disk
* CD ROM and 1.44mb floppy
* Windows '98 and much more 
All for just $1499! 

Buy now and we will also give you a FREE UMAX Astra 610p scanner with
purchase, for a very limited time!

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Thanks for your time.

Your friends at Canyon Sales


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