Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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Sun Sep 20 18:16:16 EST 1998

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>Marty Sachs wrote:
>> A minor correction here. Before hybrid corn, farmers grew open pollinated
>> varieties (OPVs) or land races, not inbreds.
>I screwed up on the terminology but there was an inbreeding process
>to come up with the OPV'S or at least that was my impression 
>( I'm not a corn breeder ) but there was some research in coming up 
>with the lines but IMHO opinion not nearly as much as put in to hybrids.

I'm not a corn breeder either, so my terminology may be a bit mixed too. :)
There seem to be some programmes aimed at developing good OPVs through a
process of recurrent selection.  However, I suspect a lot of the motivation
for this is to improve the base populations from which inbreds are 
derived so as to get better inbreds and, therefore, better hybrids...

Cheers,  Ian S.

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