Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Jim Wright jwright at
Mon Sep 21 10:05:41 EST 1998

taquilla at (Tracy Aquilla) wrote:

>The first GE plant was produced in 1983. When did e hit 1%? Is 50% of the US
>corn crop GE yet? Seems to me the pace is fairly constant here, maybe even

In think that to some extent one is comparing comparing apples and 
oranges. In canola, market penetration of GE varieties has been almost
completely a response to pricing of the technology, and negative reaction 
to licensing agreements, not to negative qualities of the technology 
itself. Obviously Monsanto believes that it's pricing policy is in it's 
best interest, but lowering its price slightly would give it almost 
complete market saturation, almost instantly, IMHO. It could have had 
that within two years from point of introduction to the market, again 
IMHO.  Perhaps it needs that pricing regime for reasons I don't 
understand, or perhaps doesn't want to be open to charges of monopolistic 
control of the market.
    I think that the rate of penetration relates to marketing strategy, 
not farmer acceptance. 


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