JB-4 plastic embedding

inka at playfair.utoronto.ca inka at playfair.utoronto.ca
Thu Sep 24 10:53:29 EST 1998

I'm fairly new to plastic embedding and have recently obtained sample blocks
the consistency of gummi bears. I'm assuming that this is due to the
deterioration of the catalyst(benzoyl peroxide)as mentioned in the product
spec sheet. The manufacturer suggests using more catalyst, higher temperature
or more time for polymerisation, none of which is very specific. Has anyone
determined a relationship between the age of the catalyst and the increase in
the amount of any of these? Would the use of SIGMA's stabilised benzoyl
peroxide be advisable or should I stick to the product that comes with the
kit? Does anyone know of a course that might be taken in plastic tissue
embedding? If anyone works regularly with JB-4 Plus would you please email me
directly. I need some confirmation that others do indeed use it and succeed.
Thanks. -- Inka Tertinegg Dept. of Ophthalmology Universtiy of Toronto

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