Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Jim Wright jwright at
Thu Sep 24 17:01:05 EST 1998

msachs at (Marty Sachs) wrote:

>Perhaps one reason why U.S. farmers are accepting transgenics more quickly
>than their grandparents accepted hybrid maize, is that hybrid corn was far
>more of a revolution than transgenics are???  Pre-hybrid corn, farmers
>using landraces could save seed from the years crop to plant the next year
>and obtain roughly the same yield and performance (differences occurred
>only due to environmental factors).  With hybrid corn, the farmer became
>dependent upon the seed companies to provide seed each year.  Also,
>perhaps to today's farmer, transgenics are little different that the
>slight improvements and value added traits that were provided by improved
>corn lines for generations?
>      -Marty Sachs

I'm not sure if I understand you.  Are you saying that the transgenics
provide only slight improvements, like selective breeding programs?

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