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> May I point out that it was the creationist Raymond Damadien that invented
> the MRI,
> magnetic resonance imaging, his prototype being in the Smithsonian and his
> name in the inventor's hall of fame alongside Edison and the Wright
> brothers.     According to evolutionary writers creationists are not real
> scientists. 

I never said that creationsts can't be good scientists. I'm sure that
there are lots of creationists, and other believers-in-God (i'm one
myself) that do good science. What I did say was that there is no such
thing as "creation science."

This issue has been flogged to death in half of the newsgroups on the
Internet. But is it still worth saying that scientists cannot pick an
endpoint (theory) of what they want to prove (i.e., the literal
interpretation of the bible) and then pick the facts that support that
endpoint while ignoring other facts. That is one problem with the oxymoron
"creation science."


> You are welcome to believe that I am wrong in making this posting as you
> believe that this is just religion.    But ought you not to allow me to
> believe what I think to be true? 

I never said that you couldn't believe anything you like. I only said that
the bionet.* hierarchy is about science. And "creation science" is not

>Is that not what your philosophy is
> about?

Science is not a philosophy. Science is a method that tries to objectively
uncover knowledge about the natural world. The scientific method in fact
can't even approach the question of the existence of God. That is not a
question for science to answer. That is a question of religion and
philosophy. That is another reason why there is no such thing as "creation

My 2 electrons,


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