Leading Creation Scientist in Winnipeg November 14

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While Damadian developed the "Concept of Whole-Body NMR Scanning" (MRI) and
was a discoverer of the NMR Tissue Relaxation differences that made it
possible, why does this work have anything to do with creatonism ???

Damadian was then doing medical research,  in the Med School in St Louis,
not studying the Bible. 

He published his findings in the March 19, 1971 issue of Science in an 
article entitled "Tumor Detection by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"
see <http://www.mribook.com/Damad.htm> , not in a creatonist magazine.

I hope you don't teach your biology students otherwise ?

The point is not if a person is a creatonist, but can this person
document their explanation with facts, or with invoking the Bible.

> In article <01bde893$53eb2d80$4972a1cf at Casem.pangea.ca>, "Casey"
>You are exactly right and there isn't a better place to post this news
>item.     As a biology teacher  one thing I do know is what the history of
>science teaches us: that science is most fruitful having a solid foundation
>in Biblical creationism.
>This isn't the modern orthodoxy in our atheistic,
>materialistic society but there you have it.
>May I point out that it was the creationist Raymond Damadien that invented
>the MRI,magnetic resonance imaging, his prototype being in the Smithsonian and
>his name in the inventor's hall of fame alongside Edison and the Wright
>brothers.     According to evolutionary writers creationists are not real
>scientists.  He is not an isolated example by a long shot; I could list a
>few more gems for you that probably you have never heard of and
>evolutionist writers in the "objectivity" fail to point out to you.
>You might believe that creation science is an oxymoron or just plain
>religion made to look like science but this is a bit of propaganda, a
>harmful bit I might add, which contradicts the history of science.
>You are welcome to believe that I am wrong in making this posting as you
>believe that this is just religion.    But ought you not to allow me to
>believe what I think to be true?   Is that not what your philosophy is

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