Creationist to be in Winnipeg, Nov 14

Casey casem at
Tue Sep 29 01:56:37 EST 1998

Roger Oakland , a former biology teacher and respected speaker on the
subject of creation science will be at:
Maranatha Evangelical Free Church
 910 Sturgeon Road, Winnipeg
 9.00am. to 12.00 noon
 Saturday, November 14, 1998
 Cost is $10.00 per adult; youth free; registration at the door

Oakland who at one time taught evolution at a university in Canada and has
since become a creationist will speak on:

1.	Evolution- impact on society morally and ethically
This talk will attempt to show how the theory of evolution has impacted our
society in general and Christianity in particular.
2.	Nothing new under the sun- how evolution plays a key role in the
spiritual deception known as the New Age movement

Both sessions will be accompanied by a slide presentation.
        Roger's presentations are always informative        and for the
youth they will find much to take                      back to  their
science and social studies classes.

He will also be at the same location on November 19 for an all-day seminar
and will be presenting different topics.   Please phone Terry Lewis at 
654-0530 for more details.

      Oakland has lectured in universities, conferences and churches in
over 35 countries.   He was a biology teacher who believed and taught the
foundational beliefs of evolution but is now a zealous promoter of Biblical
creationism.   He made an appearance on the CBS documentary series Ancient
Mysteries of the Bible; he was a guest speaker at the Goddard Space
Insititute in Washington D.C. to over 500
NASA engineers and scientists; and he was a lecturer to Russia's Institute
for Science and Atheism in Moscow, Russia.  Currently, Roger and Dr. Duane
Gish (of the Institute for Creation Research) are in the process of
developing a curriculum on the subject of origins for Russian schools by
request of the Russian Department of Education.

Roger has said that he gets a far better reception in Russia than in North
America.  When he was here in Manitoba about three years ago on a speaking
tour he was vigorously opposed by educators and was not allowed to speak in
some schools.  Some of the opposition came from those in administration. 
Wonder why our schools are violent and not much learning goes on.

As a biology teacher I can attest to the fierce opposition in Manitoba from
not only teachers but professors in our universities.   Our schools profess
to allow all views to be aired, but this does not work out very well in

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