Leading Creation Scientist in Winnipeg November 14

A Rotondi rotondi+ at pitt.edu
Tue Sep 29 12:48:42 EST 1998

Casey wrote:

> You are exactly right and there isn't a better place to post this news
> item.     As a biology teacher  one thing I do know is what the history of
> science teaches us: that science is most fruitful having a solid foundation
> in Biblical creationism.

Science is most fruitful having a solid foundation in biblical creationism?Are
the so called "dark ages" an example of this?

What in the history of science teaches us this?

> May I point out that it was the creationist Raymond Damadien that invented
> the MRI,

All that I can see you have said is that scientists can believe in god.
Ifhowever, you can point out in his theories or publications religion
derived principles, which contradicted established observations of the day, that

he used to produce his scientific work, then you have said something. Else
it would appear at first blush that you have not thought your statement through.

The example seems to be irrelevant to the point you were trying to make.

> According to evolutionary writers creationists are not real
> scientists.

No. (I'm assuming that what you mean by thephrase "evolutionary writers" is
evolutionary scientists.)

Creationism is not science. Creationists can be scientists.

> You might believe that creation science is an oxymoron or just plain
> religion made to look like science but this is a bit of propaganda,

Really. Possibly you would like explain howcreationism is science.

> a
> harmful bit I might add, which contradicts the history of science.

You'll need to substantiate this one, if you can.

> You are welcome to believe that I am wrong in making this posting as you
> believe that this is just religion.

No this is not religion. This is your attempt to get others to conformto your
beliefs. That's you, don't try to hide behind religion.

>    But ought you not to allow me to
> believe what I think to be true?   Is that not what your philosophy is
> about?

The problem here is that you want others to conform to your personal
beliefs.Believe what ever you want. However, if you want society to start
that creationism, astrology, voo doo, etc. are science, you'll need to do
more than ask us to live by your personal beliefs.

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