Evolutionists: Take Up the Challenge!! Don't Miss the Last Creation Science Lecture in Winnipeg.

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara c.suter-crazzolara at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Tue Apr 6 06:45:15 EST 1999

taguebwREMOVE at wfu.edu wrote:

> Now just a cotton-picking minute!!?!?! I hope you mean "North America" --
> check out Casey's e-mail (casem at pangea.ca) -- he's from Canada, not the
> US. Not that we yanks don't do enough to tick off the rest of the world,
> but Casey is not one we want to claim.
> The last time he dumped this garbage in a science newsgroup, I tried to
> reason with him and make him understand science and the fact that
> creationism by definition can't be science. But as I'm sure you are aware,
> it is difficult to reason with someone who argues backwards from his
> conclusions. ("The Bible is infallible, it contains all the conclusions,
> therefore evolution must be wrong. How can I selectively pick data to
> support my creationist views.")
> My advice to everyone -- ignore Casey. He's ignorant of science and will
> not listen to any reasonable arguments.

Shouldn't we write to his school or something ?


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