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Ken Hoekstra wrote:

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> : > Please help me to answer the following question.  "What are the mechanisms
> : that
> : > enable microorganisms to withstand extreme temperatures?"  Thank You.
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> Now, what kind of HS teacher would NOT know this question. Hmmmm....

But he does nknow the question, its the answer that he wants. Besides thewre are
no stupid questions, wise guy.

One of the mechanisms is to adapt to heat (or cold) is to alter the protein
structure. Proteins denature at high temps, by changing the primary structure
(=sequence) and thus the secondary structure (is folding) of a protein, proteins
may become morer resistant against denaturation. Another mechanism would be to
add or remove anti-freeze like substances to the cell (salts, sugars etc.).

hope this helped,

clemens suter-crazzolara, PHD

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