What is this insect ??

Randall Stone rss001 at supercity.ns.ca
Wed Apr 14 19:39:35 EST 1999

James Ford wrote:

> What is this little creature?
> It is about 2-3mm in body size. It has 4 pairs of legs plus it has two long
> (twice its body length) "legs" that have claws, like a lobster, at the end.
> Brown in color.  It have a "deer tick" shaped body.
> What is this little insect?
> (please E-Mail me and reply to this newsgroup)
> Thanks in advance.

James, You have just described a psuedoscorpion.  They are not rare, usually
found in damp places.. I have found them in bathrooms, and they are quite
harmless.  If you found it in your house, and not outside, it was likely
Chelifer cancroides, which is found world wide..  Pretty interesting arachnid
isn't it.


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